"The Earnhardts" at the Daytona 24-hour road race

In this beautifully painted historic scene, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dale Earnhardt Sr. are captured in the #3 Corvette during a driver change at the Rolex 24-Hours of Daytona endurance road race — the one and only race, father and son shared as co-drivers.
The Earnhardts finished second in their class and fourth overall, against the best road racers in the world, proving that Dale and his son's driving abilities were world-class. The father and son team had also planned to co-drive the Corvette at the 24 hours of Le Mans in France. But Dale Sr. ironically  died in a NASCAR race at Daytona a few months later. Dale's crash and death resulted in the world-wide use of the HANS device neck restraint to be used in all world class racing.
Also in this painting, Kelly Collins and Andy Pilgrim (co-drivers in the #3 Corvette) are shown in the background looking on as the Earnhardts discuss the race during furling and tire changing. The winning #2 Corvette that was driven by Chris Kneifel, Johnny O'Connell, Franck Freon and Ron Fellows, is shown in the distance charging through the rain toward the tri-oval.

24 x 18 inch limited edition archival print ($119) or canvas giclee reproduction ($255) available only from the artist's studio...

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